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Following a review by the WEDINOS Programme Board, it has been decided that as of 25th July 2014, no further samples of Steroids and/or Image Enhancing drugs (SIEDs) will be tested by WEDINOS.

The decision has had to be taken for the following reasons:
  • Saturation - the number of samples received exceeds the capacity of WEDINOS staff to test
  • New findings - Analytical findings indicating consistently that around one third of samples received contained either: no active compounds; compounds other than those indicated; some but not all named compounds or named and other compounds. This information will be formally reported and used to support the requirement for additional health, analytic and support services for those using these substances.

It is hoped that in the future, this service may be reinstated in order to ensure no new compounds or issues of concern regarding available compounds are missed.

The WEDINOS project would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed with the submission of samples and effects records in relation to SIEDS.